Bus Stop

Bus stop

Waiting can be overwhelming sometimes. Especially when busses and people come and go and you just stand there like an invisible figure waiting for your turn.

This bus stop is my regular stop and it looks so much more interesting now that a few days’ memories are overlayed. I want to crack people’s skull open and pick at their memories! What do they see, where are they going, where did they come from, are they married/divorced/single, whats their favourite colour, do they have friends, are their shoes comfortable, do they need to pee, why did they get on this bus and not the next one, did something hold them up or did they come straight to the stop, who is their person, do they even have a person, are their kids annoying, what do they do, are they proud of them, why did they name them Charlie and Emma…and so on. But I can’t ask people that because I’d be reported for harassment.


Glasgow’s Solar Eclipse

eclipse 2015

20th of March 2015: Today is the Spring Equinox and the first solar eclipse I have ever seen. Should this day feel extra special? Because right now it doesn’t. I had work this morning and I’ve got another job later on this afternoon…nothing out of the ordinary really. I don’t know, I just feel something should happen today, something more than simply go to work then come home like every other day. What do you think? Are we drowning in our daily routines so much so that a day like this can just pass unnoticed? The Witch me is telling the Other me to do something and the Other me is flirting with the idea. But also the Other me is an introvert and dark and it fights the crazy Witch me sometimes. What do, what do!

This photo was taken near the end-half of the phenomenon at 10:24am with my Canon 70D with the 18-55mm lens+ ND8 filter+ Polarizing filter+ an aperture f/32 and a shutter speed of 1/160 with ISO 100. This was only possible due to the cloud cover, otherwise I’d have probably gone blind!

The next one is expected to be in August of 2090!


Attacked by a bug

Lately I’ve had a great deal of interest in drawing bugs and insects and some gruesome thoughts about the traumatic feeling of being devoured by them. I don’t quite know what triggered these series of thoughts but they have me hooked on romanticising that process….that dark hopelessness where you have nothing left to do but to hand yourself over to the other side with grace.

Big kid on a swing

This is Andy on the swings and I was swinging on the one beside him before taking this shot. I tried to take the photo while my swing was moving but decided against it when I almost did an ungraceful back flop off the swing! Also the snow has ceased to be the soft and fluffy type and turned into a rock solid ice blanket; another reason why staying seated was an idea I quite fancied! tripple swinging